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The rapid development and massive proliferation of technology in the last fifteen years in the realm of audio visual as well as print media has influenced our lives in a very big way. This media boom has had a profound effect on women in India. Women are, on the one hand, an important target group for media; on the other hand, images of women are all pervasive. In fact images of women are constructed and used by media in a big way to reinforce and to give public sanction to retrograde value systems. Thus, through soaps and other programmes the media also seeks to imprison women in traditional roles in keeping with so-called 'Indian culture'.
The increased presentation of 'sex and violence' is a matter that specifically concerns women because of the importance of women's images in such presentation. The exploitation of women's body for sexual titillations in films, including advertisement films exemplifies this tendency.
Through its media monitoring activities AIDWA tries to influence media policy.