17 July 2009


AIDWA condemns the comments made by the President of the UPCC, Ms Rita Bahuguna in which not only has she criticized the monetary relief given by the State Government to dalit rape victims and gratuitously advised them to throw the money on the Chief Minister’s face but has gone to the despicable extent of saying that in the case of the CM herself being raped, women would collect one crore as compensation for her.  Ms Bahuguna’s vulgarity is matched only by her ignorance.  She should know that monetary assistance is given to rape victims under the SC/ST Prevention of Violence Act which is a Central Act.  She seems to have no understanding of the tremendous vulnerability of women belonging to the exploited and poorest sections to physical abuse and sexual assault and the importance of their receiving at least a modicum of relief and support.  As far as the second part of her statement is concerned, it can only be condemned as an outrageous negation of gender and social sensitivity. Ms. Bahuguna’s statement is one of the worst recent examples of the way in which issues crucial to women’s safety and dignity are exploited to settle political scores.


AIDWA also expresses its strong disapproval against the attack on Ms. Bahuguna’s home.  Lawless violence is unacceptable as a response to verbal attacks, however despicable.  AIDWA appeals to all political parties to refrain from statements and comments that demean the dignity of women and increase their vulnerability to assault and abuse.