AIDWA demands justice for Savita Halappanavar. 15 Nov.2012

ALL INDIA DEMOCRATIC WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION NO. 2253- E, SHADI KHAMPUR, NEW RANJIT NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110008 PH: 011-25700476, 25709565 Email : Date: 15th Nov. 2012 Press statement AIDWA demands justice for Savita Halappanavar. AIDWA is deeply dismayed by the refusal of the University Hospital in Galaway, Ireland, to conduct an abortion on 31 year old Savita Halappanavar, a dentist from India - leading to her death due to septicemia on Nov 11th 2012. Savita had developed severe back pain in her 17th week of pregnancy, and suspecting a miscarriage, sought medical termination of the foetus, to save her life. Despite her repeated pleas that she was a Hindu, her request was turned down on the grounds that abortion was illegal in Catholic Ireland. It is inexcusable that a life has been lost by the implementation of a grossly unjust and unfair law which denies abortion even when the woman’s life is in imminent danger. This is a violation of both Indian and international law. It is sad that despite her condition, the necessary medical attention was denied. AIDWA urges the Government of India to strongly protest about the manner in which Dr. Savita has been treated by the medical authorities in Ireland, and urges that steps should be taken to ensure that the rights of Indian women are protected, within and outside the country. Sd/- Sd/- Sd/- Shyamali Gupta Sudha Sundararaman Kirti Singh (President) (General Secretary) (AIDWA Legal Convenor)