AIDWA on Khap Panchayat verdict

The All-India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) has welcomed the Supreme Court judgment underscoring the gravity, barbaric and feudal nature of killings in the name of ‘honour.'

“The judgment exposes the failure of the government to take appropriate action and bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice. It has been a long-standing demand of AIDWA that such killings and crimes in the name of ‘honour' be dealt with by a comprehensive stand-alone legislation,” AIDWA said in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

“This legislation should punish both the killings and other crimes like harassment of the couple and the economic and social boycott of the couple and the boy's familyIt should also provide protection to couples wishing to enter into a marriage of their choice and facilitate such marriages,” the statement said.

It has demanded that the UPA government immediately take action and legislate on this vital issue so that perpetrators of these crimes, including Khap and other caste and community Panchayats, are held accountable and appropriately punished.

The AIDWA has also demanded that the police be directed by the government to ensure that such crimes are properly investigated and criminals are apprehended.