AIDWA Press statement on women with disabilities

ALL INDIA DEMOCRATIC WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION NO. 2253- E, SHADI KHAMPUR, NEW RANJIT NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110008 Tel: 011-25700476, 25709565 Email:, Date: 24th Feb. 2012 PRESS RELEASE AIDWA condemns the 2 recent incidents of women whose rights as passengers travelling by air has been violated by the callous and insensitive behaviour of the airline personnel for no other reason except that they were passengers with disabilities. The arbitrary and insensitive attitude displayed by the Spicejet airlines towards Ms. Jeeja Ghosh, who was offloaded at Kolkata airport on 18.2.12 because she had cerebral palsy, brings to the fore the ignorance of the air personnel as to the rights of passengers with disabilities. The DGCA guidelines state categorically that no airlines can refuse to fly persons with disability and reduced mortality. The deplaning of Ms. Jeeja Ghosh on the insistence of the pilot represents a gross violation of her rights. Similarly, the complaint of harassment and insensitivity made by Ms. Anjlee Agarwal a person with muscular dystrophy who suffered the ignominy of being bodily carried down from the Jet aircraft after reaching Raipur from Delhi on 23.2.12 reveals that such violations are more widespread, but are not yet so visible. The ignorance of the airlines personnel cannot be an excuse for the deficiency in service suffered by the passengers, and the trauma that they were forced to undergo. AIDWA demands immediate action against those who were responsible for the violation of rights of the passengers. The airlines should compensate them for the hardship they were subjected to. Moreover, the law to protect the rights of people with disabilities must be widely disseminated and properly implemented. The law should also be amended to penalize transgressions, so that those who suffer from violations can seek appropriate legal remedy. Sd/- Sd/- Shyamali Gupta Sudha Sundararaman President General Secretary