AIDWA Welcomes SC Directive On Sex Determination Tests

AIDWA Welcomes SC Directive On Sex Determination Tests
10 February, 2002  
THE All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) has welcomed the Supreme Court directive to the state governments to seize the ultrasound machines in unregistered clinics, in an attempt to prevent the sex-determination tests. This will have a positive, even if limited, impact. It is well known that the violation of the relevant law is certainly not limited to unregistered clinics. Indeed, such tests are conducted in registered clinics throughout the country, including the clinics run by well-known doctors. The Supreme Court will no doubt be looking into this aspect also. The law itself is highly bureaucratised and needs reform. During the forthcoming session of parliament, the AIDWA will seek the help of lawmakers to get the necessary reforms effected.
The AIDWA has also written a letter to the attorney general, Soli Sorabjee, in connection with an appeal in the Naz Foundation case. The court has referred the appeal to him for his opinion. In its letter, the AIDWA has urged the AG to recommend the deletion of section 377 from the Indian Penal Code. As is known, this section criminalises homosexuality and defines even consensual sexual relations between the same sex as a crime. The Law Commission, while discussing laws on sexual assault, has clearly recommended the deletion of this clause. There should be no hesitation on behalf of the government to delete such a clause as it does grave injustice to the rights of an adult to decide the sexual partner of his or her choice. (INN)