5 May 2008

Demanding the tabling and passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill, members of National Women’s Organisations stormed the main gate of Parliament holding aloft banners proclaiming “Pass the 33% Reservation Bill” and shouting slogans.  The women belonging to the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), JWP, YWCA, Guild of Service, NFIW, CWDS took the security forces completely by surprise and were able to reach the main gate of Parliament where they held a demonstration.  They were joined by CPI (M) women MPs, Sujata and Sathidevi.   The demonstrators welcomed the Prime Minister’s assurance of placing the Bill in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow but insisted that it should be debated and passed without delay.  They reminded UPA partners of the solemn assurance made by them in their CMP to ensure passage of the Bill.


After more than half an hour, the police finally arrested more than 50 of the demonstrators and took them to the Parliament Street Police Station.