9th to 12th November 2010, Kanpur

From the General Secretary’s Report on Socio-Political Developments:

“Our struggles have been many; we have enjoyed some successes as well, but the forces enjoying the fruits of neo liberal growth models are teaming up with the forces of social conservatism and creating further gender inequalities, along with unleashing greater violence against women. Our work has to intensify and diversify so that we can change the situation in favour of women. We have to combat the all out efforts being made to malign the Left, which are aimed at weakening the whole democratic movement in our country. Let us resolve to overcome our weaknesses, and take on the many challenges before us, to create an alternative, more gender equal society.

Our future tasks must include the following:

  • Intensify resistance to the neo-liberal growth model which has led to the poor becoming invisible in state policy, strengthen struggles for universal food security, uphold rights of women workers - in the  unorganized and organized sectors - to work, for minimum pay and basic entitlements in urban and rural areas.
  • Safeguard democratic entitlements to education, health, and social security - resist privatization policies. Prevent exploitation of women through SHGs.
  • Strengthen the campaign against all forms of fundamentalism, defend the rights of young people to choose their partners.
  • Combat the communal offensive, work for a secular ethos and communal harmony. Resist terrorist and separatist agendas.
  • Counter effectively the vicious anti Left assault being unleashed by divisive, anti democratic forces in tandem with opportunistic parties,
  • Take up the specific forms of oppression being faced by dalit, minority and tribal women on a priority basis. Focus on the problems of youth and single women.
  • Build an effective campaign against multiple forms of violence against women, and girl children, intensify actions against sex selective abortions and dowry, as part of a larger mass movement to counter the combined impact of patriarchy and growing consumerism, work for recognition of women’s matrimonial property rights, and other legal rights.”
  • Intervene against commercialized media and the marketization of rituals and religiosity, create cultural alternatives to strengthen the secular and democratic fabric of our country.