Goa Pan Masala

The Gova Pan Masala Advertisement
Contents of the advertisement
  1. A hindu marriage scene. The bride groom's side finally arrive at the wedding . Father of the groom expresses his dissatisfaction with arrangements made by the girls side.
  2. The bride groom's father decides that the arrangements made not good enough for his son's wedding and asks his son ( who is sitting on the mandap) to get up and leave the wedding. Son very obediently stands up to leave.
  3. Then the farther of the bride (trying to make sure that the wedding goes on) comes begging to the father of the groom with his turban in his hands and offers him gova pan masala. The father of the groom looks very happy after eating the pan masala.
  4. The son seeing that his father is pleased with the pan masala asks his father whether he can sit at the mandap again.
  5. And finally the father agrees and allows the wedding to carry on.
Meaning and Implications of the advertisement.
  1. The advertisement promotes an illegal practice, dowry, which has been declared as a criminal offence by the government of India.In a country like ours where unfortunately such social practices still exist, we cannot afford to promote then any further. Such ads will result in reinforcing these patriarchal norms in the minds of the people.
  2. The ad not only shows superiority of the groom's father over the bride's father, but also shows father of the bride begging for acceptance. This not only shows the girl's family in an inferior position to the boy's family but also promotes male supremacist values and ideas. This implies that women are still considered the inferior sex. It is deplorable that in a counrty where female infanticide is so widespread and the female:male population ratio is actually falling, your ad only serves to intensify the already prevalent gender discrimination in our society.
  3. The ad shows the humiliation and embarrassment faced by the girls father when he has to take of his turban and offers the pan masala in order to make sure that the barat doesn't leave. Further more this ad implies that having a girl child is a liability for the parents. The advertisement legitimizes high expenditure during the marriage of a girl child.
  4. According to the advertising codes which have been set up by the ministry of information and broadcasting advertising tobacco products including Pan masala is not permitted.
On these grounds we we demand that you withdraw this advertisement immediately as you are selling a product by cashing on the illegal practices and social prejudices against women in our society. We hope that you will withdraw the ad within two weeks, failing which we will take further action.