5 Jan 2006

AIDWA condemns the gory killings in Nithari and demands exemplary action against the criminals, and all those involved.

A seven member AIDWA team led by its General Secretary Sudha Sundararaman, visited Nithari village on January 4th 2007 and met some of the families whose members had become victims of the ghastly serial killings that have appalled the nation.
The delegation also comprised of Vice President Pramila Pandhe, CEC members Sonia Verma, Indu Agnihotri, AIDWA office bearers from Delhi- Asha Sharma, Asha Yadav, and Kavita, local unit secretary Lata, and was accompanied by CITU comrades Ram Bahadur Sabhya and Madan Prasad.
On reaching the spot, the delegation was besieged with the desperate pleas from families of other children who had gone missing, and whose complaints had not been taken seriously by the police. Discussion with the families of the victims also vividly brought out the callousness of the Noida police and administration, due to which the spine chilling murders continued without exposure for such a shocking period of time. AIDWA expresses its solidarity with the victim’s families, and makes the following demands:

  • Since the collusion of the police in this crime is highly evident, AIDWA strongly supports the demand for a CBI enquiry into the incident at the earliest. The investigation should be completed within a specific time frame, and the guilty should not go unpunished.   .
  • Stern legal action should be taken against police and officials who have been guilty of negligence.
  • The buildings and property of the accused should be immediately attached.
  • There should be no discrimination in the payment of compensation to the victim’s families. There should be total transparency in the distribution of the relief package.
  • Long term measures should be taken to ensure that the migrant workers whose children have become soft targets for criminals are provided basic entitlements, like functioning anganwadis, crèche facilities, etc. Young migrant women in search of jobs have also become victims, and this issue also needs to be addressed by the Government.

AIDWA has called for wide participation on behalf of all sections of people in the dharna being held on 6 January to protest against the callousness of the police and to demand that justice be done.

5 Jan 2006