7 December 2007

The recent expose’ by the BBC of a doctor in NOIDA who had disclosed the sex of the foetus in violation of the PcPNDT Act once again brings to the fore the widespread prevalence of sex selection, even in the capital city of Delhi.

AIDWA welcomes the immediate steps taken by the Appropriate Authority to seize the equipment and seal the concerned clinic. However, the general trend towards delay in the investigation of such cases (as in the 42 instances of sting operations in Rajasthan which are pending in Court for the past one and a half years) impedes the delivery of justice, and sets a very bad precedent. Hence the investigation should be expedited, and stringent, exemplary action should be initiated against the offenders. AIDWA demands that the absconding doctor should be immediately located and arrested. It is particularly important to ensure that the witnesses are not intimidated into withdrawing their statements.

It is a shocking reality that while more than a million (estimated) female fetuses are being aborted yearly, and child sex ratios continue to fall alarmingly, the conviction of culprits is abysmal. Only 2 convictions have been made under this Act so far. Moreover, India is fast becoming a destination for easy sex selection, even for people residing outside our country. Hence, in this context, AIDWA demands urgent and strict enforcement of the PcPNDT Act.