11th August 2010
AIDWA expresses its shock over the horrific incident in which an Adivasi girl  from Bartola village, P.S Rampurhat, district Birbhum in West Bengal was beaten and paraded naked in her own and neighbouring villages. AIDWA has spoken to the Chairperson of the State Women’s Commission who has been in touch with the SP, Birbhum, and has ensured that the girl gets protection and is shifted to a shelter home, if necessary immediately, for her safety and rehabilitation. The commission is visiting the area and meeting the girl on Monday, 16th August. It appears   that the incident took place early in May, but the police did not know about it, nor was it reported to them until photos of the incident taken from mobile phones by some people who were present on the spot started circulating and this was brought to the notice of the police by some journalists. Apparently the girl was caught by some members of her own community in the company of a boy from a different community and was stripped and tortured in public. The police have identified the girl and she has given a statement under section 164. Some of the perpetrators have also been arrested. AIDWA demands a speedy and effective trial and exemplary punishment. We also demand compensation and rehabilitation for the victim.