27 May 2008

Sushri Mayawatiji
Chief Minister,
Uttar Pradesh

Respected Maywatiji,
The brutal murders of Arushi and Hemraj in Noida have stunned the nation.  The fact that an innocent young girl has been murdered in her own home has increased the sense of insecurity that is already widespread among young girls and women.  To restore their confidence, it is essential that the UP police behave with sensitivity and efficiency.
It is, however, extremely unfortunate that the performance of the UP police has been of the worst and lowest kind.  It is true that within days of the murders, officers concerned were punished for their laxity but has the situation improved since then?  Unfortunately, it has not.

The officers of the UP police have given the worst exhibition of patriarchal prejudice and insensitivity in their handling of the case.  From the beginning, they have indulged in mud-slinging against all the females involved in the case.  The most unforgivable thing is that they have not even spared Arushi who is no longer alive to even defend herself.  The police involved have also revealed their anti-poor prejudices in the way that they blamed Hemraj for Arushi’s murder until such time as his own murdered body was found.  After that they insinuated that his relationship with the young girl was not ‘normal’.

To cover up for their own inefficiencies and lapses,  police officials have regularly used the print and electronic media to make the most outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations against Arushi, her mother and their family friend, Anita Durrani.  They have indulged in the most objectionable forms of character assassination.  They have even made suggestions to the effect that Dr. Talwar, Arushi’s father, had an ‘abnormal’ relationship with his child.  Can this kind of unrestrained character assassination by the police be permitted in a civilized society?  Can the police be allowed to defame and destroy the reputations and peace of mind of Arushi, her mother, her father, their family friend, Hemraj and all their family members? 

Our organization appeals to you to take strict action against all those who have indulged in inappropriate, libellous and atrocious behaviour.  This will send a welcome message to the UP police and to the country as a whole.

We are well aware of your reputation as a stern administrator who does not tolerate any kind of unjust and inappropriate behaviour on the part of police and administrative officials.  We are sure that not only will you ensure that those responsible for these ghastly murders are brought to justice but also that the police officials responsible for complete insensitivity, patriarchal prejudice and character assassination are punished.

Yours sincerely,


Subhashini Ali                                                               Sudha Sundararaman
President                                                                        General Secretary.