Rapes in Haryana 11 oct.2012

ALL INDIA DEMOCRATIC WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION NO. 2253- E, SHADI KHAMPUR, NEW RANJIT NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110008 PH: 011-25700476, 25709565 Email :, 11th Oct.2012 PRESS RELEASE The AIDWA CEC which met in Delhi on Oct 10th and 11th has strongly condemned the spate of rapes in Haryana which has reached alarming proportions. In the last month alone, there have been 17 rapes, many of the victims being dalit girls, and minors. A mass deputation of its national leaders submitted a memorandum to the Haryana Chief Minister through the Commissioner in Delhi, expressing their concern and demanding swift action. The Residence Commissioner assured the deputation leader that he would convey the demand charter to the Haryana Chief Minister and urge him to take appropriate action. The copy of the memorandum is enclosed. We request you to give adequate coverage to the news. Sd/- Shyamali Gupta Sudha Sundararaman (President) (General Secretary)