Some Objectionable Advertisements

1. Euro Fashion Inners:
The advertisement shows a man wearing nothing more than an underwear in a public restroom. A couple of women enter the restroom. They walk out of the door (to the restroom which specifies 'MEN' ) giggling over something mischievous. The next scene shows the male model lying on a couch, gasping for air, with lipstick marks all over his chest. The captions below read out: EURO Fashion Inners - Prepare to get assaulted. This ad is highly objectionable as it very clearly sends out a misleading message to its audience to prepare themselves for assault and in the process enjoy themselves. The ad not only glorifies assault but also gives, rather invites unnecessary sanction to it from the public. The term 'Assault' has many serious implications and cannot be used in this frivolous manner as it may have many serious repercussions. In today's world and age when there is an outburst of increase in sexual violence ,such ads tend to reinforce this notion by trivializing it and reducing it into something funny and enjoyable. Therefore this ad is highly objectionable.
2. Liril Soap:
The Liril Advertisement which is being broadcast on all channels goes onto showing a girl wearing a mini skirt and a tube top, completely drenched, dancing under a hose pipe fountain, with some 10-12 young boys around her. Mind you, this is an advertisement promoting a particular brand of soap. This ad was viewed on Channel V at around 9pm. The viewership of this ad is wide as it was aired at prime time. Such ads speak out a highly provocative message to its audience as it shows a woman drenched with water, wearing barely anything, surrounded by boys. It tends to say that using this soap brings about a feel good sensation in a manner that attracts attention of many men. Thus the ad tends to project women in a low light as it promotes her to be an attention seeker, which she does by using this brand of soap.
3. Pears Oil Control Soap:
The ad shows a teenage girl who wakes up in the morning and discovers a pimple on her face. The situation to her seems so traumatic that she doesn't want to meet her boyfriend because she thinks that once he sees her pimple, he will stray to another woman. But then she uses Pears Oil Control Soap and lo!the pimple disappears and she has her boyfriend running behind her again. The underlying message behind this advertisement is that a girl is to look pretty only for her man or else he shall stray. If such notions are encouraged or reinforced in a society where women are already mistreated and made to be subservient to men, it tends to put a certain pressure on them to be perfect beauties or else their men would stray to someone else. It gives sanction and reinforces stereotypes that women not upto the mark should accept their counterparts to leave them for a better deal. This ad is highly objectionable to us since we believe it is woman's capabilities and intellect rather than her physical beauty that makes her worthwhile.
4. Optra Chevorlet:
This ad goes onto show a woman all dressed up waiting for her husband. The man obviously late walks in and asks her to accompany him somewhere. He takes her in his newly bought Optra to a beach, opens the rooftop and from there, she sees the moon. The ad blends the traditional custom of Karva Chauth with the commercial market values -both tending to demean women by devaluating their status. This ad not only glorifies the rituals of a particular conventional practice of encouraging women to starve themselves for their husband's long life but also defies all logic of scientific temperament by giving undue space to superstitious practices. This needs to be checked as it has many serious implications on psyche of Indian society. The husband is late and to make up for that he takes her for a ride in his luxurious car. This apparently seems to work on the starving wife, sending a message that in a market oriented society it is money that defines and controls the human relations.
Media Monitoring Group (MMG)
All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA)