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AIDWA's Spectrum

  • Fighting Extremism

    Despite severe attacks from extremist forces, AIDWA activists are in the forefront of building the organisation in Tripura

  • AIDWA for a Secular India

    Protection of women's secular identity in the face of growing communalism and fundamentalism remains an essential task in the...

  • Against Caste Oppression

    The challenge to the caste system that burdens dalit women with three inequalities, of class, caste and gender is a central...

  • Against Sex Selection

    The alarming decline in the proportion of women in the population in India, and particularly the juvenile sex ratios is of...

  • For Universalisation of the PDS

    AIDWA has been in the forefront of the struggle to re-introduce the universal public distribution system and protect the food...



The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) is an independent left oriented women's organisation committed to achieving democracy, equality and women's emancipation. AIDWA members are from all strata in society, regardless of class, caste and community. It has an organizational presence in 22 states in India, with a current membership of more than 9 million. About two-thirds of the organsation's strength is derived from poor rural and urban women.

AIDWA was founded in 1981 as a national level mass organisation of women. However, several state units of the organisation came into existence in the crucible of the freedom struggle, each with a commendable record of anti-imperialist and pro-working class actions.

AIDWA believes the emancipation of women in India requires fundamental systemic change. It upholds secular values and challenges and resists cultural practices demeaning to women.

We are growing with your participation. Join us to be active members of the movement and build a better human race which values equality